The Benefits of Being a Green Small Business

There are a number of benefits to modifying your growing enterprise so that it's considered a green small business.

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The eco-friendly use of computers and associated technology has so far been great for the environment — but it can also be a huge boon for your business. Among the many benefits are the ability to save resources and extend the life of your technology.

There are a number of ways to modify your growing enterprise so that it is considered a green small business. In fact, companies of all sizes and in all industries are undertaking environmentally friendly initiatives. Huge tech firms are clearing space for employee vegetable gardens, while massive data centers are drawing power from wind farms and solar panels.

But you don't have to think big like that to be green. Even smaller changes can make a major difference, like implementing better power management strategies or committing to a paperless office.

Green Advantages

In addition to protecting the environment, practicing eco-friendly habits can help enhance your bottom line. These types of strategies have numerous benefits, including:

  • Extend the life of your technology: Energy-efficient computers and peripherals are designed to last longer and be more eco-friendly. That's good news for you, because you won't have to update your technology as often as you may have in the past.
  • Reduce utility costs: Many green measures focus on power consumption, since reducing energy use is such a vital part of an environmental strategy. Using power strips, turning off computers at night and taking advantage of natural lighting can all have a significant impact on your monthly power bill — and that means more money in your pocket.
  • Improve recruiting and retention: In a recent poll by job search website TheLadders, nearly 90 percent of respondents said working in an environmentally friendly company was important to them. Additionally, 72 percent added that they'd choose a job at an eco-friendly company over another that didn't implement green programs. In other words, going green can make your company more attractive to top candidates and help you retain key employees, lowering the costs of turnover.
  • Boost your reputation: Numerous studies have highlighted the reputational benefits that eco-friendly strategies give companies. Customers appreciate efforts like these, which can boost loyalty and increase referrals. So, in addition to being kinder to the planet, you're being smarter in how you build your brand and customer base.