Is your office spending its time and resources as efficiently as possible? Explore the topics below to increase productivity in your organization.


What Leadership Style Is Right for Your Team?

VIDEO: The pros and cons of being an authoritarian, laissez-faire, micromanager, mentor or servant leader.

Keep Your Team Going: Make Telecommuting Easy

With the right technology setup and tools, employees can work from home seamlessly. Learn how to create an efficient home workspace.

Remote Worker Checklist: Tools for a More Productive Offsite Team

Keeping remote employees equipped with the right supplies pays off in productivity. Here are tools to consider.

The Benefits of Procrastination

Staples sat down with organizational psychologist and bestselling author Adam Grant and discussed how procrastination can work in your favor. Find out why taking some time to finish a project works for some, and discover what a “precrastinator” is.