Is your office spending its time and resources as efficiently as possible? Explore the topics below to increase productivity in your organization.


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Leaving the office energizes the team, improves bonding and sparks creative thinking. Try these planning tactics to break the routine.

How to Run an Effective Standing Meeting

Kick-start your team’s productivity while improving meeting efficiency and participation.

Inspire a Culture of Creativity in Your Organization

Foster creative energy that boosts your business and motivates employees.

How to Pick the Right Document-Sharing Tools

Keep these eight factors in mind to find the right file-sharing tool for your team.

Hear from a Peer: How Administrative Professionals Take the Lead

Your fellow admins describe how they’ve stepped up, taken charge and made a lasting impact in their companies.

Tips to Stay Productive While Working on the Go

Your Worklife is mobile — here's how to organize it and get the most done.

Staples: The Future of Worklife

See how Staples is reinventing your life at work.

How to Get the Most from Your Office's Introverts

Introverted employees bring major contributions to the workplace, if you know how to maximize their impact.