Use Your Digital Devices to Conquer Productivity Hurdles

Instead of throwing technology aside when working, see how you can use your devices to get things done.

Workplace technology, productivity, avoid distractions, smartphone apps, project management, task management

When it comes to work productivity, we often view our digital devices more as distractions than as resources. There are a number of ways to mitigate or eliminate tech use when working — methods for resisting the temptation to reach for your phone, avoiding social media when using your computer and keeping the TV off during business hours.

But what if you could use your devices to your advantage? In this infographic, we present ways you can address common distractions with digital tools, including methods recommended by Grace Marshall, productivity expert and author of “How to Be Really Productive.”

“A tool is a tool; it’s how you use it that matters,” Marshall says. “There are definitely ways you can use technology to help your productivity.”