Use Survey Results to Create Employee Engagement Solutions

Five steps to activate your employee engagement survey results.

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So you successfully deployed your employee engagement survey and finally have the results. What’s next? Measuring your employees’ level of engagement is a great first step, but the survey process doesn’t stop there. Create an actionable plan so your results make a measurable difference.

“To really move the needle and improve engagement, it’s important for organizations to take action across the whole organization,” says Bill Freund, vice president of marketing and business development at CustomInsight, a company that helps organizations systematically monitor and improve employee engagement.

But how do you create a strategy that leverages your findings? It’s a multi-step process, one that requires analysis of the results, transparent communication with members of your organization, and collaboration with employees and management to find viable solutions.

“Employees want to belong to an organization that is doing something that benefits them,” says Trent Burner, vice president of research at the Society for Human Resource Management. “They will thrive because they believe they are part of an organization that listens to their employees and takes action based upon their feedback.”

Follow this five-step strategy so you can use your survey results to implement real change in employee engagement.