How to Re-Energize by Stepping Away From Technology

Employ these digital detox strategies to improve work productivity.

Digital detox, technology, health and wellness, workplace strategy, productivity

In an age when technology is a necessity, how can you mitigate its potentially negative effects? By finding time to use digital detox strategies throughout your workday. After all, a digital detox isn’t about getting rid of technology; it’s about setting limits and taking breaks away from the screen.

“I love technology for the ease and simplicity that it provides my life. However, being on 24/7 does not help me to be my best professionally or serve my clients,” says digital detox expert Holland Haiis. “We want to be judicious about when we’re using technology.”

Haiis is a speaker, author and business consultant. She helps entrepreneurs and executives change behavior that affects their productivity, creativity and time management.

We talked with Haiis to learn tips for balancing technology use during the workday so that employees stay energized and productive.