How Modern Workplace Trends Affect Your Employees

Experts share the skills your employees will need to succeed in our changing business world.

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Rapid technological innovations and shifting societal norms continue to reshape the business world — and fast. To survive and grow, companies must adapt by looking ahead to the future of work and preparing their employees. What obstacles come with rapid change? And how will you tackle them?

We get answers from two futurists, Cheryl Cran and Jacob Morgan.

Cran is a future of work expert and founder of the NextMapping consultancy. An author of seven books, including “The Art of Change Leadership: Driving Transformation in a Fast-Paced World,” she has worked with companies such as AT&T, Bell Mobility, Gartner and Manulife.

Morgan is an author, keynote speaker and founder of The Future of Work University, which offers courses to help companies prepare for the workplace of tomorrow. He speaks on subjects such as the future of work, automation, management and leadership.

We talk with these experts about the challenges companies face in today’s competitive global business world, the skills employees need to work in this always-on environment and the need for organizations to be more adaptable to change.