Performance Management Reboot: Office Manager Goals for the New Year

Ideas for improving your workplace and career

Ready to mastermind a performance management reboot? The start of a new year is a great time to reset your goals — for both your career as an office manager and for projects that can improve your workplace.

Here are five areas of performance management every office manager can assess heading into the new year.

1. Revise Your Supplies Purchasing List

Now is an excellent time to refine your purchasing strategy — are there ways to streamline the process or save money? You might review your list of suppliers, analyze your spending, and see where you can consolidate your orders or take advantage of rewards programs.

Look ahead to your company's plans for next year, too. Are there changes that will impact how you use your office space or order office supplies? For example, if your company opens a new location or increases the number of staff in the office, you may need to increase the volume of certain supplies. Keep these potential changes in mind as you update your buying process and review your vendors.

2. Evaluate Mobile Management Opportunities

A mobile management program can help ensure that employees easily access the business's data — without putting it at risk. Office managers are often in contact with technology vendors and may have a unique view into how workers across the company use their phones, so they're well suited to exploring mobile management programs.

Being proactive about security is a smart business move, and service-oriented technology vendors can help make the process simple. Look for ways that new technology solutions could amp up performance and better support your team.

3. Take on a Passion Project

Are there projects you've been hoping to tackle but haven't had time for? Office managers often get busy with urgent day-to-day needs, and projects that fall into the "important but not urgent" category can quickly lag. Examples include digitizing an old file system, spearheading an initiative to remodel part of your office or leading the charge toward having a greener workplace. Find a project that would improve your office and makes use of your own passions or interests.

4. Develop New Skills

Are there skills or knowledge that would help you be more effective in your current role, or help you branch out into new territory? For example, you might become a master of Excel or PowerPoint, learn web design or social media skills, or take seminars on green facility management — exploring these types of professional development opportunities can boost your profile at work. New skills can help you get more involved in different aspects of the business and inject excitement into your day-to-day. Think about the projects you have in mind already: What new skills can support those efforts?

5. Identify Stretch Goals

Where do you want to be in a year or five years? Are you interested in taking on more responsibility within your company or moving into a different role? Make sure you're taking concrete steps to advance your career over the long term. This could involve formal training, volunteering for new responsibilities or working with your boss to create a formal professional development plan.

Turning the page to a new year is a great opportunity to assess performance management and define your path. Set bold goals in the coming year. It's possible to make a big impact on your company and progress in your career at the same time.