Invest in Your Employees Without Breaking the Bank

Leverage your company’s resources to create cost-effective professional development programs.

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Creating a professional development program for your employees doesn’t have to be expensive.

“When we think about professional development, a lot of organizations do think that there’s a heavy cost that has to be associated with it, and there’s not,” says Natasha Bowman, president and founder of Performance Renew. “It’s really about utilizing the resources that you already have available.”

Professional development programs allow employees to update and improve upon their skills, creating a more versatile and capable workforce. Best of all, these employees are more likely to stick around.

“Professional development is one of the best ways to retain employees,” says Gabe Zichermann, speaker and futurist at “Retention of good employees is the main benefit of good professional development.”

In fact, a survey by Better Buys, a company that delivers insights on business and technology to help companies make smarter purchasing decisions, found that 75% of employees with professional development opportunities are likely to stay with a company for an additional five years.

Look at the cost-effective ways to implement this essential part of your company’s success.