5 New Business Books to Pick Up Now

Check out these five business books for tips on making your worklife better.

New Power

by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms

A powerful how-to book about spreading ideas—and engaging people around them—in the chaos of our hyperconnected world.


by Safi Bahcall

This fresh look at human nature and group behavior offers inspiration for business leaders about how organizational culture nurtures innovative ideas.

Atomic Habits

by James Clear

Clear distills scientific research into an accessible guide to forming good habits and breaking bad ones for individuals, teams and businesses.


by Daniel H. Pink

Pink combines fascinating stories, wide-ranging research and real-world takeaways in this guide to harnessing the science of timing for success at work and in life.

The Making of a Manager

by Julie Zhuo

A practical handbook chock-full of insights and everyday examples to help both first-time managers and veteran leaders.