The Benefits of Procrastination

Staples sat down with organizational psychologist and bestselling author Adam Grant and discussed how procrastination can work in your favor. Find out why taking some time to finish a project works for some, and discover what a “precrastinator” is.


00:05 Well, I don't want to assume that anyone should deliberately

00:08 procrastinate more than they already do right about 20% of US

00:12 or chronic procrastinators and we're putting things off even

00:15 though we know they could have that could have a negative

00:18 consequence, but I do have some evidence with a former student G

00:22 Haitian which shows that people who procrastinate occasionally

00:25 are more creative than people who rarely do and what seems to

00:29 happen is there's some of us like me, who are

00:32 procrastinators, where I just feel that tremendous anxiety to

00:35 finish a project. The day I started it and so sometimes I

00:39 rush ahead with the first solution instead of waiting for

00:42 the best solution and I think if you're one of those people then

00:46 being comfortable, putting off finishing even though it might

00:48 be anxiety, provoking even though you might worry that you

00:51 might not get it done can open you up to Incubating and maybe

00:55 even discovering some ideas, you would have considered otherwise.