Eco-Friendly Tips for Cleaning Your Workspace

Experts in cleaning and sustainability show you how to properly clean your workstation.

Whether your desk is at your workplace or at home, it collects more bacteria than you’d expect. Are you cleaning it properly? Take advice from Steve Zimmerman, director of healthcare services at ServiceMaster Clean.

“We follow three simple rules: Clean high to low, go from clean to dirty, and disinfect,” he says.

In this infographic, Zimmerman offers guidance on how to clean each component of your workspace, from the highest areas down to the floors.

What’s just as important is cleaning in an eco-friendly manner. Jake Swenson, Staples sustainability expert, says a major factor in green cleaning is using the right tools and equipment.

“Be aware of the types of products that you’re using,” he says. “Use green cleaning products that are certified by a reputable organization like Green Seal or EPA Safer Choice.”  

With these two experts, your workstation will be spotless and safe.