New Trends in Building Security

Learn about new trends in building security including bluetooth access control, facial recognition and security robots.

Bluetooth access control

Badges and key fobs will become things of the past. Instead, employees are using their phones to open secured doors. To do so, they download an app and set it up using credentials provided by the system administrator. To access the building, users simply tap their phone on the reader. 

Facial recognition on alarm keypads

For added security, these systems pair user-specific access codes with saved images of the employee’s face. If someone other than its owner enters the access code, companies can determine whether to allow or deny entry. But the technology needs to improve—it has notoriously poor success rates with people of color, according to an ACLU test.

Security robots

These high-tech machines help bridge gaps in human-led security forces at malls, office buildings, hospitals and sports stadiums. For example, they offer after-hours patrolling, 360-degree video surveillance and thermal imaging. If they detect an anomaly, a human security specialist is immediately alerted to assess and act. While adoption is low, the market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. 

Photo by DSCIMAGE/Getty Images