Every day, companies look for new, creative ways to improve the culture in their offices. Explore the topics below to take your office culture to the next level.


Teaching From Home: Your Ideal Setup

Teachers can be just as productive in a remote teaching environment as they are in a traditional classroom setting.

Workplace Readiness Guide

Get your office ready for a safe employee and customer return.

How Teachers Can Help Students Cope With the New Normal

A Q&A with social emotional learning expert Shai Fuxman.

Prepare Employees for a Successful Return to a Shared Workspace

Employees might need help readjusting to collaborating in a shared workplace. Here’s a guide to doing it right.

How to Engage Remote Employees and Keep Them Motivated

In flexible office setups, knowing how to engage remote employees is crucial to success. Learn creative ways to engage employees.

Prepare Your School for a Healthy and Safe Reopening

Take these steps to help keep your students and staff safe when they return to school post-shutdown.

Hands-On Initiatives to Support Employee Mental Health at Work

See how employers can support employees who are struggling emotionally.

Back to the Breakroom: Supplies for the Post-Pandemic Office

The pandemic is making us rethink everything from open space to breakroom supplies like disinfectant wipes and water bottles.