Resources for Working Parents

Resources and community when you need them the most.

Being a working parent is more complicated than ever. In the last couple of years, working parents displayed amazing abilities to juggle family and career responsibilities, giving flexibility, balance and creativity new meanings. But that extraordinary balancing act takes a toll, and working parents need all the help they can get. We’ve rounded up some of the best resources to help parents navigate the ups and downs of managing family and career.


Workparent: The Complete Guide to Succeeding on the Job, Staying True to Yourself, and Raising Happy Kids

by Daisy Dowling

Dowling provides tips to help parents handle career and family without neglecting either one. With advice for those planning to have a baby through those raising teens, she provides the guidance modern parents are looking for.

The Working Mother Ultimate Guide to Working From Home: How to Survive in Your Job, Care for Your Kids, and Stay Sane

by the editors of Working Mother

This recent release offers timely advice on working while caring for your kids at home. Though “mother” is in the title, the book offers best practices that any parent can implement for working from home with children.


Parents at Work

This podcast explores how people in different careers (tech, law, accounting) manage work, parenting and life. Early episodes offer general advice on topics like how to get more sleep or be more productive.

The Working Parent Podcast

Dip into a variety of intriguing topics on work and family life. What should you understand about maternity leave? How do you develop a growth mindset? What can you learn from the TV show Killing Eve? The topics may be unexpected, but they’re always interesting. 



Many parenting websites are either for both parents or for moms. Fatherly is specifically designed for men, with the mission to help them raise great kids and lead more fulfilling lives. With articles, videos and more, Fatherly is a one-stop resource that dads (and even moms) can enjoy.

The Mom Project

When schools closed during the pandemic, more than 1 million mothers left the workplace to care for their children. But returning to work—either from a short or long time away—isn’t always easy. The Mom Project offers networking, résumé reviews and upskilling opportunities. It also connects talented moms with companies that value their experiences. 

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The @momsrising advocacy group lobbies the local, state and federal government for equal pay, paid family and medical leave, breastfeeding rights and other issues affecting parents in the workplace.


The juggle is real in this inclusive, subscription-based community for working moms. At @heymamaco, women from all career backgrounds come together to build support for each stage of their careers.


Moms, you’re always supporting everyone else. Now it’s your turn. @workingmomkind is a worldwide, virtual community designed to return some of that support.