Rejuvenate at Work With a Change of Scenery

The benefits of changing your work environment include better productivity and mental health. Here’s how to do it effectively.

Workplace design, productivity, health and wellness

It’s easy to fall into a workspace rut. Taking in the same environment every day can lead to complacency and lack of discipline. How can you shake off these feelings?

Create a change of scenery. There is a clear connection between your environment and your ability to be productive. Small adjustments to your workstation can make your environment feel fresh.

“It’s critically important that your workspace is set up in a way that drives your productivity,” says Jeff Revoy, co-founder of workplace management company SpaceIQ.

Better productivity and well-being can also be found when you step away from the workstation.

“There’s restructuring your space, and then restructuring your behavior, the way that you work and how you chunk out your day,” says Leigh Stringer, workplace strategy expert.

In this infographic, Revoy and Stringer identify steps you can take to revitalize your work environment.