Office Design Trend: Activity-Based Working

These office design space ideas meet flexibility requirements of employees and clients allowing numerous choices for a variety of workplace activities.

Companies need the flexibility to meet employee and client needs in one space, explains Dari Shechter, VP of creative and design at Mindspace. Activity-based office design allows numerous choices for a variety of workplace activities. These could include:

  • Small, enclosed pod offices for solo work and phone calls

  • Meeting rooms equipped with technology for conference and video calls

  • Cozy rooms for small informal or impromptu group huddles

  • Large spaces for formal meetings or company events

  • Confidential meeting rooms with frosted glass windows

  • Lounge areas for relaxation and chatting in a coffee shop atmosphere

  • Lactation rooms

  • Library space for quiet work among others

  • Outdoor space for breaks and social events

  • Nap rooms

Health and safety guidelines such as social distancing, mask-wearing and frequent sanitization of surfaces must be adhered to, Shechter adds.

Photo by Jose Manuel de Lago Panadero