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Office Design

Ready to completely overhaul your office space? Or just looking to make some small improvements? Find some design inspiration to bring into your workplace.


7 WFH Seating Personalities: What Your At-Home Office Chair Says About You

While we’ve heard about the dangers of sitting too long, what about the dangers of sitting all wrong? Discover what your at-home setup says about you here.

Reimagining the Office to Welcome Employees Back and Bolster Engagement

Businesses are blending safety upgrades with comfort-enhancing elements to create appealing, efficient workplaces.

Video: Newfangled Offices Healthy & Safe Initiative Redesign

Watch how Staples helped re-concept Newfangled’s office space in a safer design for their return to work.

How to Create an Ergonomic Workspace at Home

Help prevent potential health issues by creating an ergonomic workspace that keeps your body and mind aligned for productivity throughout the day!

Teaching From Home: Your Ideal Setup

Teachers can be just as productive in a remote teaching environment as they are in a traditional classroom setting.