Share the Spirit of Giving This Year Through Your Business Holiday Card and Party

Keep your team smiling this season with four ways to add joy to your office party and holiday cards.

Stress is on the rise in all businesses, and the last quarter of the year is typically the most tension-filled. That’s why it’s so important to take a moment to celebrate and thank the people who make your success possible. A special party, outing, or even a thoughtful card, can help everyone remember what this season of giving is all about.


Whatever way you choose to celebrate, make your efforts festive and unique by creating custom invites, signage, cards and decorations that drive home your grateful feelings toward the people who contribute to your business.


Use the ideas below to find some easy ways to fill this holiday season with special celebrations and thanks.


Put people in the spirit

Planning a celebration to thank your team, vendors or customers? Give your gathering a not-to-be-missed vibe with custom invitations that showcase your plans. Whether it’s a Holiday 5K, a toy drive, or an ugly sweater party, use images to convey what’s in store. Communicate a holiday spirit by choosing invites with festive foil accents and make the whole process easy by starting with a design template.


Start strong
Welcome your guests from the moment they arrive with festive signs that point the way to your event and build excitement. Use decorative signs and banners to help people quickly find games, food, and other party elements so they’ll jump right in. Add floor decals for a fun and different way to help guests navigate from one part of the event to another to maintain party momentum.


Emphasize thanks

Mesh your celebratory and thankful sentiments by creating event decorations that include both messages. Festive banners, custom menus, and decorative seating place cards that add sparkle to an event can also feature messages of appreciation. Pre-print your grateful sentiment or have your team hand write it on event materials. If you plan to pass out holiday cards consider having team members personally sign these to add oomph to your message of thanks.  


Get it quickly
Even if an event is important to your business, the details may not fall into place until the last minute. Quick turnaround is a must for many people during this hectic time of year, and you can use same-day printing for everything from invitations and cards, to posters and banners.


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