Impress Your Customers With This Year’s Hot Holiday Card Trend

Four ways to make an impression with this year's most stylish holiday cards.

Even in our digital world, holiday cards are as popular as ever — about 1.6 billion cards make their way through the mail each year. But that begs the question: How can your business’s holiday message stand out in overstuffed mailboxes?


Adding some eye-catching shine to your card can help. Stylish foil cards are the new “it” trend this year. The festive look is novel and elegant, perfect for letting your customers and contacts know how much you appreciate them.  


Here’s how to create a card with flair using the foil trend:


Add shine

Festive foil cards have accents in colors like silver, gold and rose gold that lend them an extra-special feel. You can start with a customizable template, and experiment with themes and colors to find the most striking design that artfully incorporates metallic accents. Choose a foil template for a traditional folded card or a more modern, flat design. Have your cards printed on premium paper — the quality paper weight will further elevate the look of the foil glimmer.


Add flair

Craft a personal message to your customers, and have it preprinted on your cards to give them a polished look. Then, get metallic gel pens in festive colors like gold, silver and red to add signatures and handwritten messages of appreciation. This special ink will boost your card’s appeal. You want your ink to match or complement the touches of foil in your card, so look for a pen that works well with the designed elements. Make sure the ink is easy to read — some metallics might be hard to see against the background. Try out a few metallics versus traditional ink to see which looks best on your card.


Communicate a commitment to quality

If you craft a card with an upscale look, be sure your address is just as refined. Have it printed directly on the back flap of your envelopes in a font that matches the lettering of your card’s message. This sophisticated approach will say a lot about your company’s high standards for quality and attention to detail.


Stick the landing

One final detail: Place a holiday-themed stamp on the envelope. An everyday stamp may diminish the effect you’ve worked hard to achieve. Go for gold and seek out a holiday stamp that complements the theme of your card. This final touch creates a unified look that your contacts will notice — and drives home your attention to detail, too. Buy as many stamps as you’ll need for this year’s batch of cards, plus a few extras for last-minute additions.


Your print and marketing partner can help you create a card that makes a lasting impression. Learn more about Staples holiday card services.