How to Make This Year’s Company Holiday Card Your Best

Stand out this season. Four ways to create a holiday card that connects with customers.

The holidays are the perfect time to say a heartfelt thank you to your best customers. Done right, your end-of-year outreach will reinforce that your relationship is about more than the bottom line and keep your company top of mind when the new year comes.


Research shows that Americans send 1.6 billion holiday cards each year. This makes it especially important to send a greeting that stands out. Use these tips to create a card and envelope that get noticed. 


Customize your message

Choose a message of holiday wishes that expresses your company’s sentiment of thanks. Then, add a short, handwritten note to personalize it to the customer. Jot down a few words of appreciation for work over the past year or mention an upcoming project you’re excited about. This extra effort will make your card stand out.


Focus on quality

Print your greeting on premium paper to reflect how much you value the people who make your success possible. A quality card will also stand out in a stack of other greetings and is likely to be shared and displayed in your client’s office. Boost your card’s wow factor with foil finishing that adds extra shimmer.


Create a card as unique as your company

Choose a design that reflects your company’s personality. If your team is known for top-notch service, include a photo of your staff. Or, if you sell high-end products, create a card that reflects your superlative standards. Card templates can help you get started. Choose from traditional folded cards and postcard formats and add colors and fonts to make the finished product uniquely yours.


Make your envelope stand out

Decorate envelopes with your logo, holiday greeting or a note of thanks to draw attention to your card. Avoid impersonal mailing labels that take away from the look of your message. Instead, work with your printing partner to have addresses printed directly on your envelope in an attractive font. Include your return address to make it clear that the greeting is from your business.


Your print and marketing partner can help you create a card that makes a lasting impression. Learn more about Staples holiday card services.