Green Monday: What It Is, When It Is, and How to Make the Most of It

Learn about Green Monday, one of December’s busiest shopping days, and how you can prepare to get the best deals available.

Green Monday: What It Is, When It Is, and How to Make the Most of It

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But Green Monday may not be a day you often hear about. Though lesser known, there are big savings opportunities to capitalize on, and retailers see surges in spending in this lead up to holiday gift giving. Green Monday doesn’t have a precise calendar date. It is the last Monday before Christmas where items ordered online can be shipped to arrive in time for Christmas. It typically falls on the second Monday in December, or the Monday with at least 10 days left until Christmas.

In 2020, Green Monday falls on December 14, so mark your calendar and get ready to save!

What Is Green Monday Exactly?

Used to extend enthusiasm around holiday shopping, Green Monday is the biggest online shopping day in December, with records being broken year over year. The term “Green Monday” is primarily used by the online retail industry but knowing it’s a popular day for discounts is beneficial for consumers, whether those savings are labeled as Green Monday deals.

Green Monday sales have steadily increased year over year since 2005, ranging from half a billion dollars in 2005 to $1.6 billion in 2016. That trend is only expected to continue as more shoppers make purchases online.

Why Is It Called "Green Monday?"

The name “Green Monday” is attributed to the popular online retail site eBay. The marketplace coined the term in 2007, to describe one of its biggest revenue days of the year, with green representing money. Some people also credit the “green” in the name with the fact that online shopping can be more environmentally friendly than the traffic involved with in-store shopping.

How Does Green Monday Compare to Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday kicks off the holiday sales season, always on the Friday after Thanksgiving. While Black Friday is also a day to score discounts on big-ticket items, what differentiates it from Green Monday and Cyber Monday is that most Black Friday deals are offered both online and in stores. Online shopping, however, is just as popular on Black Friday. Online Black Friday sales alone reached $7.4 billion in 2019. 

Cyber Monday and Green Monday share many similarities. Both days offer big savings, both sales are focused on online shopping, and both events are some of the biggest shopping days of the year. There are also several key differences. Cyber Monday happens first and falls on the Monday directly after Black Friday, whereas Green Monday is usually the second Monday in December. Cyber Monday is also more widely known and participated in among both retailers and consumers. Finally, as the more recognizable shopping holiday, Cyber Monday brings in higher revenue, with total sales reaching $9.4 billion in 2019.

How Can Businesses Take Advantage of Green Monday?

Green Monday presents a variety of opportunities for business owners. Even if you’ve run successful Green Monday sales in the past, here are several steps you can take to make this year even better.  

  • Entice Green Monday shoppers to your website with discounts or other incentives for buyers hoping to purchase last-minute gifts. 
  • Consider increasing advertising spend the weekend before your sale to help get your business in front of online shoppers. 
  • Create a page with a curated list of discounted products to make it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for and make impulse buys. 
  • Provide suggestions on your website or via email with gift-giving tips and product suggestions. 
  • If your business is a service,  provide an incentive that would tempt a sign-up for a service later. 

You can also take advantage of deals for your own business needs. If there are products your business normally buys or will need in the coming year, Green Monday is a great time to save money on these purchases. 

How to Find the Best Green Monday Deals

If you didn’t get a discount on items you were after on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, have your list ready for Green Monday. This is a big day for savings on high-end items like home appliances, furniture, and electronics. Information about Green Monday sales should be featured on retailer websites by early December but signing up as a member could enlist you in email promotions that advertise sales earlier. 

Another consideration is shipping promotions. With little time to spare before the holidays, some retailers opt to waive or reduce shipping costs or offer expedited shipping at the same cost as standard shipping. Saving money on shipping could outweigh paying less for the actual item with another retailer, so look for this offering. 

Is Green Monday Your Last Chance to Have Gifts Shipped in Time for the Holidays?

Green Monday is marketed as the last day to order in time for items to arrive by Christmas. But rest easy, as that’s not necessarily the case. Many retailers can ship in-stock purchases to you or a gift recipient within just a couple of days. If your item is in stock, don’t count yourself out if you didn’t get what you need on Green Monday. Many retailers also offer curbside pickup allowing you to buy online and pickup at the store.

Ready to Get Your Green Monday Deals?

Take advantage of discount days. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday are all big opportunities to save money.

Don’t forget that Green Monday falls on December 14 this year, mark your calendar, make your wish list, and browse retailer websites as the end of November rolls around. Get ready to compare prices, check shipping promotions and deadlines, and shop the sales!