An End-of-Year Business To-Do List to Start 2020 Strong

Here are 4 tips on how to make the most of 2020.

There’s no denying that this is a hectic time of year for businesses. But even an overflowing end-of-year to-do list shouldn’t keep you from wrapping up 2019 right so that you can start 2020 with a bang. Take a bit of time as the year winds down to evaluate your year, and use your insights to complete important business tasks.


The following steps will help you make the most of this time.


Take stock

Pull together and review the details of your company’s performance this year while they’re fresh in your mind. What work was the most rewarding, and where do you need to make changes for the coming year? What you learn from this reflection can shape your end-of-year tasks and help you set goals for the coming year.


When you get ready to print and share your summary, make sure it’s professional, eye-catching and to the point. Grab and keep people’s attention with bullets and short copy to make it easy to scan for important details. Apply the same fonts and colors to every page, and add visual energy with high-quality images and logos.


Take action before year’s end

Pull the trigger on 2019 planned purchases that haven’t happened — these buys can support growth in 2020 and reduce your 2019 taxes. For instance, order updated office equipment to bolster productivity, and invest in fresh stock images for your marketing materials. Knowing your priorities for 2020 can help you target your spending. For example, if you’ve been paying for a monthly subscription service that has become mission critical, make an annual payment before the end of the year to get both a 2019 tax deduction and potentially a discount for paying ahead.


Prepare to send thanks

The holiday bounty you received during this season will require thank-yous in the new year. Ensure that you send timely missives by stocking up now on personalized thank-you notes for gifts to your company or festive celebrations. You can also take advantage of the quiet of the new year to send a mailer to thank your customers for their business and highlight the success you had together in 2019. Create and order these marketing materials now so you can send them out right after the holidays.


Get a jump on 2020 marketing

Think ahead to the collateral you’ll need to stay top of mind and close new deals in the coming year. For example, use excess marketing funds to print more brochures for your best-sellers, or order more flyers and swag for the events that you plan to repeat in 2020. Refresh your stock of business cards, flyers and other pieces you’ll need for trade show booths and sales calls. Take advantage of the season’s special offers to get your new materials printed before year’s end.


Visit your local Staples location to get help with your year-end wrap-up and save.