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Health and Wellness

Looking for ways to improve employee wellness in the workplace? Explore below to learn more about office health and put wellness first at your company.


Beyond Flu Prevention: How to Reduce the Impact of Illness in Your Office

Flu prevention should be a top priority for your company, especially during times when influenza is prevalent.

Could Your Workplace Policies Be Spreading the Flu?

A flu outbreak in your workplace will make your staff miserable and could drastically reduce production.

Employee Health and Wellness: 5 Easy Tips

Promoting workplace health at your small business improves productivity and eliminates absences. Here's a closer look at what business owners can do.

First Aid Basics in the Office

How to be prepared for medical emergencies.

8 Ways to Improve Office Air Quality

Air quality can impact productivity by as much as 11%. So how can the average business protect itself and maintain good indoor air quality?

5 Ways to Optimize Your Indoor Environment

Here are ways facilities managers can help ensure a healthy workplace environment.

6 Tips to Boost Productivity with the Ergonomic Office

Many organizations across the U.S. are achieving results through ergonomics, and there are many more that could if they would implement an ergonomics workplace program.

Healthy Office, Healthy Employees: How to Make it Happen

Get easy, inexpensive tips to create a healthier, inviting workplace.