Simple Energy Boosters to Rev Up Your Workday

Whenever you’re feeling sluggish, try one of these activities to lift you out of your funk and into a productive day.

Some of us are going back to the office. For the rest of us, the commute is short when you’re working from home. But that short distance between your desk and your couch can translate to sluggishness during your workday. Plus, as distracting as co-workers’ side conversations can be, they provide a sense of vitality that can be absent when you’re working remotely.

Keeping up your energy when working from home will help you stay motivated. We talked with health and wellness experts Jessica Diaz and Cassie Sobelton about ways to boost and maintain energy that are easy to do.

Print out our energy boosters and keep them near your workstation. They’re all designed to be home-friendly, though many of them work in a shared office space too.