Reimagine the Breakroom

Consider making breakroom upgrades to give employees a place to relax, recharge and also to promote camaraderie and collaboration.

A well-planned breakroom not only gives employees a place to relax and recharge but also promotes camaraderie and collaboration. Consider making these breakroom upgrades to help employees readjust to the new (old) office.

1. Focus on flow.

Organize supplies in a logical way so that people aren’t in each other’s space when they get a snack or make coffee. 

2. Rethink the furniture.

Adding various types of furniture, such as high-top seating, creates height separations from traditional tables.

3. Replace your coffee maker.

Swap the communal coffee pot for a single-serve machine. Cutting-edge machines feature touchless technology that allows employees to brew a cup of joe with an app. Provide a variety of compostable coffee pods.

4. Snack smart.

No more shared bowls and platters of food—replace them with individually wrapped snacks

5. Go touchless.

Soap dispensers, hand sanitizer stations, paper towel dispensers and trash cans that open with the wave of a hand or the press of a foot help prevent the spread of germs.

6. Ditch the silverware drawer. 

Replace open cutlery bins with a machine that dispenses one piece of compostable cutlery at a time or consider individually wrapped utensils.