Catering to the Types of Coffee Drinkers in Your Office

Here are three common ways that your co-workers get their coffee on.

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According to the National Coffee Association, consumption of espresso-based beverages nearly tripled between 2008 and 2016. The same report found that many respondents view workplace coffee as an important perk and over half (54 percent) reported that they were less than "very satisfied" with their coffee situation at work. Many companies are taking notice and increasing the quality of the coffee and variety of brewing options they provide to employees.

Here's a quick guide to help you identify some of the types of coffee drinkers in your office and help meet their needs.

1. Can't Wait Single-Serves

It's all about speed with these folks. How quickly can they get caffeine and be on their way? Though they love it when they see gourmet coffee pods, convenience is top of mind. Keep a working single-serve coffee maker and many cartons of pods on hand for these coffee drinkers to keep them happy.

2. Espresso Aficionados

This crowd wants the good stuff, and they're willing to wait for it. The National Coffee Association found that older millennials, between the ages of 25 and 39, are more likely to have espresso in their mug. Consider purchasing an espresso machine. It's an investment in employee happiness and engagement, not simply a gadget.

3. French Press Fanatics

These coffee lovers want their coffee slow-brewed to enjoy between meetings. French presses often make smaller quantities of coffee than automatic drip coffee makers, and employees may want to keep their own French presses at their desks.

Don't forget the cups, stirrers, sugar, creamers and other supplies to complete your coffee stations. And as your team transitions back to life at your workplace, make sure you're keeping the breakroom sanitary to help your staff stay healthy.