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No workplace is complete without a space designated for things other than work. Collect some inspiration for making the most of your breakroom.


What Does Your Lunch Box Say About You? 7 Lunch Box Personalities

Whether you carry your lunch in a brown paper bag, a reusable food storage container, or a sleek bento box, your lunch box choice says a lot about your workplace personality.

Coffee After COVID: Bringing Coffee Back to Work Safely

Coffee consumption, traditionally an office essential, has taken a hit in light of COVID-19. See how office managers are addressing employee concerns about sanitation and what you can do to create a safer workplace today.

Back to the Breakroom: Supplies for the Post-Pandemic Office

The pandemic is making us rethink everything from open space to breakroom supplies like disinfectant wipes and water bottles.

3 Breakroom Tuneups That Will Boost Productivity

Try these budget-friendly tips to help supercharge your breakroom and ramp up employee engagement.

Healthy Snack Ideas for the Breakroom

Low-calorie snacks don’t have to be boring. Check out these healthy snacks ideas that your coworkers will actually eat.

Caffeine in Coffee: Myth Versus Reality

The right cup of coffee is a workplace essential. Here’s what to keep stocked and brewed.

5 Ideas to Stock Breakroom Supplies — and Save Time

Avoid shortages and keep your coworkers happy.