Shipping Tips From Subscription Box Experts

WATCH NOW: Reduce shipping costs and improve sustainability with advice from the founders of Bulu, one of the first subscription box companies.

Americans love their deliveries. With 165 billion packages shipped in the U.S. every year, reliable shipping is a priority for both businesses and consumers. ­

Paul and Stephanie Jarrett, co-founders of Bulu, know all about this trend. Back in 2011, they were one of the first subscription box companies, offering vitamins, snacks and supplements.

People started asking their advice, so the Jarretts decided to leverage their experience and create a subscription box fulfillment service for other companies. Now big brands like Disney, Crayola, Clorox and GNC hire them to run their programs. Bulu even created a Shark Week box for the Discovery Channel.

When it comes to shipping and procurement, consumer expectations have changed.

“People nowadays definitely expect shipping to be free,” Paul says. “What is it? Good, fast and cheap. The saying was you can't have all three. Well, guess what? Your customer is expecting that. So you need to figure it out.”

Businesses have to make up the cost of free shipping somewhere. Watch this video to learn tips from the Jarretts to both reduce costs and be eco-friendly.