Conduct Offsites to Break Meeting Monotony

Leaving the office energizes the team, improves bonding and sparks creative thinking. Try these planning tactics to break the routine.

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Let’s face it: Planning an off-site meeting, even a relatively small one, requires some logistics mojo. But there’s good reason to make it happen.

For starters, leaving the office revives your team by changing up the routine. A whopping 91 percent of employees cop to having daydreamed in a meeting, according to a survey by Atlassian.

Perhaps even worse, 73 percent confess to doing other work during meetings. Plus, respondents reported that they spent up to two hours daily recovering from interruptions.

Being outside your everyday environment can help refocus attention. And having people leave their workspace eliminates other distractions, too.

Leaving the office makes your meeting special and worthy of participants’ engagement. These meetings also give company leaders the opportunity to bond and collaborate with employees in new groups and settings that break down “us and them” stereotypes that can take hold in even the best companies.

Your offsite will let the team give priority work the priority it deserves and allow for disruptive — not disrupted — collaboration.

Here are three strategies to help you set and make off-site meetings a regular event for your employees.