3 Phone Repair Tips for Small Business Owners

If you work on the go, you'll need these smartphone repair tips.

When working both at and away from the office, a few effective phone repair tips can serve you well.

Today, mobile devices have become a reliable resource for information, and are ultimately an extension of yourself and your business. Thus, when certain features fail, it's easy to slip into panic mode — especially when traveling for work. If you're on the go and your phone gives you trouble, it might not always be convenient to locate a phone repair shop. And often, it's difficult to take the time to even do that.

Before resorting to professional help, consider a do-it-yourself method. Here are three common phone problems and some quick, easy fixes to try on your own, prior to seeking outside assistance:

1. Your Phone Won't Turn On
If you have an iPhone and you're pressing the power button but getting no response, charge the battery. You may have used all the battery power without realizing it. If the phone is charged and still won't turn on, hold down the home and power buttons at the same time. In about 15 seconds, an Apple logo should appear on the screen. When you see the logo, release the buttons and wait about 60 seconds. Your phone should then be back to normal.

If you have an Android phone that won't turn on, try pressing the power button and holding it down to completely power down the phone. Allow it to reset, and after about 10 seconds, test it out to see if you can turn it back on.

2. Your Phone's Buttons Stop Working
Maybe you've had your phone for a while. Eventually, you may notice some buttons aren't working well anymore.

On an Android phone, there are a few apps that help you get around nonworking power and volume buttons, such as Button Savior. If you're using an iPhone, you can go to your Settings, click on "General" and then "Accessibility" to activate a feature called AssistiveTouch. That will allow you to control your device with shortcuts and work around the malfunctioning buttons.

3. Your Phone Won't Connect to Wi-Fi
A wireless connection is essential for conducting business on the go. If your smartphone won't connect with any networks, you have a few options for troubleshooting.

First, explore your ability to connect to a different wireless network. (You can go to a nearby Starbucks or McDonald's to use theirs.) If that doesn't work, try powering off your phone, waiting a minute and then powering it back up and attempting to connect again. Finally, if nothing else has worked, you can delete all the stored Wi-Fi networks in your phone and try starting from scratch.

Next time your phone fails you on the go, use these quick phone repair tips before spending the time and money to get professional help.