How to Pick the Right Document-Sharing Tools

Keep these eight factors in mind to find the right file-sharing tool for your team.

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If your team uses multiple file-sharing platforms and communications programs to collaborate, the result is often extra time to get work across the finish line. 

Standardizing on a single document-sharing approach can break down silos, ease the maintenance burden on IT and reduce overhead (in time and software). 

But what factors should you consider when looking at document management products? To help understand what to keep in mind, we spoke with two experts: Holly Muscolino, a software industry analyst and research vice president at IDC, and Steve Behm, vice president of professional services at Flex Technology Group.

First, a critical distinction: File sharing can be accomplished through both enterprise content management (ECM) software and cloud-based collaboration systems. ECM document management solutions — such as Laserfiche, OpenText Documentum and Hyland OnBase — traditionally have run on-site. Many, however, are moving into the cloud and offer sharing services that facilitate easy collaboration on files outside organizational boundaries.

Meanwhile, cloud-native services — such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive — are evolving beyond mere sharing and document collaborating to include document management capabilities. 

The bottom line? Either type of product can accomplish file sharing, making your array of choices that much wider. 

Here’s what to keep in mind as you plan the best document management environment for your workers: