Drive Radical Workplace Creativity

Learn group ideation techniques for problem-solving from The Growth Engine Co. that you can use to spur creativity at work.

Is your business facing a seemingly impossible obstacle? Radical creativity could hold the solution.

The idea is to embrace imaginative freedom, autonomous thought and risk-taking when conceptualizing solutions to hard problems. X, Google’s R&D firm, uses this technique to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, such as using balloons to provide internet service to inaccessible areas.

Bryan Mattimore, co-founder and chief idea guy at The Growth Engine Co., suggests these group ideation techniques for fostering radical creativity at your company:

  • List assumptions about the problem, then question them.
  • Generate the worst ideas imaginable, then brainstorm ideas that do the opposite.
  • Compile a wish list of impossible solutions (like teleportation) to spark similar but feasible ideas.

Photo by Tttuna/Getty Images