The Best $50 I Spent: Personal Wellness

Industry leaders describe the budget-friendly buys that boost their mental and physical well-being.

Who: Eric Hoppe, director of marketing, Crowd Content

What: Kensington SoleSaver Footrest

Why: “I started to have some knee problems, so a physiotherapist suggested I look at the ergonomics of my workspace. I realized that when I sat at my desk, my feet did not rest at a comfortable angle. So I bought this footrest, which helps provide proper ergonomic alignment. Now my knee problems are gone.”

Who: Jason Myers, senior account executive, The Content Factory

What: Fracture photo print

Why: “Last Christmas, I was getting over the loss of my beloved pet cat of 15 years, Borris. I have a home office and he always sat next to me while I worked, so the loss of my companion hit me extra hard. My sister-in-law bought me an 11-by-11-inch glass Fracture print of Borris. It has an almost 3D quality and brings the photo to life in a way that canvas and digital prints don’t. Now this extremely detailed glass photo of my pal keeps me company.”

Who: Daniela Andreevska, marketing director, Mashvisor

What: Inexpensive, low-maintenance plants

Why: “Plants help add a fresh, natural feel to my workspace and to our entire office. And because we all share the responsibility of taking care of them, they’re an important tool in our team-building efforts. We all have a common team goal: making sure the plants are watered and taken care of.”

Who: Eric Janssen, cofounder, JM Security

What: Mini Cinema Lightbox

Why: “I have a young family, so my time at work has to be very focused and task oriented. I have office hours so my team can drop in, but when I turn on this sign, they know I’m deep into my work. It spells out, ‘Please DND I’m GSD.’ (Please do not disturb. I’m getting stuff done.)”

Who: Nanette Miner, founder, The Training Doctor

What: URBNFit Balance Board

Why: “I bought a standing desk. But even with that, my back still hurt after about an hour. A balance board, which looks like a 78-rpm record, solved the problem. I can stand on it for hours. Not only does it relieve the pain, but it also works my core.”

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Photo credits: Kensington; Fracture; Mirekkijewski/Getty Images; Ampedco; Urbnfit