Northwood University Frees Up IT Staff Time and Resources

IT workers at Northwood University were spending 40 percent of their time responding to help calls for malfunctioning printers.

Managed Print Services, MPS, printer network

""Staples offered a lot of benefits and a lot of features that we had never even seen before.""

—Eric Dinnan, Computer Technologist, Northwood University

The IT team at Northwood University prides itself on providing excellent customer service to its staff and students.

But that mission was becoming more difficult as its printer fleet grew and aged. Printer repairs were taking up more than a third of the staff's time.

Download this case study to see what improvements their IT staff made, including:

  • Replacing some older printers with new, more efficient models
  • Identifying optimal sites for printers on campus by analyzing workflows
  • Connecting to the Staples Printuition system to monitor printer supply levels (and reorder automatically when needed)