K–12 Cybersecurity: How to Establish Best Practices at Your School

With cyberattacks on the rise in K–12 districts across the nation, use these tactics and tools to keep threats at bay.

K–12 Education, Cybersecurity, School Safety

Reports of phishing, ransomware and distributed denial of service attacks on schools show just how vulnerable education institutions can be. These cyberattacks have heightened awareness that the security practices in K–12 environments fail to keep pace with the infusion of technology across most elementary and secondary school campuses.

How can IT teams ramp up their cybersecurity monitoring and establish programs that help them be more agile in the face of mounting threats? The white paper “K–12 Cybersecurity: How to Establish Best Practices at Your School” provides a roadmap.

It details the tactics that K–12 IT teams can take to establish a cybersecurity program that can grow with the school and its use of technology. It also describes the factors a school or district must consider when budgeting for its cybersecurity program.