4 Printer Features That Can Benefit Your Small Business

Take some time to explore must-have printer features, such as document protection, that help your business become more effective and efficient.

The printer features that make all the difference to your company might not have anything to do with speed or resolution. New capabilities can help you save money, act efficiently and improve your professional look. 

Here are four crucial features you might not have known your printer could provide:

1. Protection, Privacy and Mobility
The electronic documents, data and files belonging to your business and your clients can't be put at risk, especially in a world where data hacks seem to be reported just about every day. Enhanced document protection is becoming more popular (and necssary). The HP LaserJet Pro M377dw has the encryption capability that can help protect your business.

It can also help keep your business more mobile and efficient. Not only can you send documents to the printer wirelessly, but you can also scan documents and save them to USB devices or send them to cloud storage, network folders or email. 

2. Affordable Ink, Efficient Toner

One of the best ways to get the most for your money is to come up with a list of the "must-have" printer features your business requires.

For example, if your business prints hundreds of pages each day, you might want to short-list printers that offer fast print speeds, more affordable ink or long-lasting ink and toner cartridges (rather than printers that have a bunch of extra bells and whistles). The Epson WorkForce 4630 can push out 20 pages per minute, but the cost of its ink and toner is half of what most other laser printers require.

3. Sophisticated Design
There are plenty of cost-effective printer options out there that do what your business needs and make it look good in the process. Having sleek, sophisticated technology on display in your office can pique the interest of both your clients and customers.

The HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Inkjet Printer provides professional quality color printing, wireless printing and all-in-one scan, copy and fax functions. You get all that without the bulky, industrial look of a large copier or fax machine.

4. Real-Time Technical Support
Most printer manufacturers provide online documentation and customer support expertise via online chat, email or phone. It might sound simple, but sometimes the simplest benefits are easy to miss.

All printers are not created equal. Take some time to explore what your current printers can do or write up a wish list of printer features you want in your next office machine.