Quiz: Is Your Facility Prepared for a Hurricane?

Storms can be devastating. Know what to do ahead of time to quickly resume operations in your building.

Facilities Management, Emergency Preparedness

Hurricanes are among Mother Nature’s most destructive forces, bringing 160 mph winds and dumping 2.4 trillion gallons of rain per day. A Category 4 hurricane — of which three made landfall in the U.S. and Puerto Rico in 2017 — will blow out most windows on high-rise buildings, uproot most trees and down many power lines

Hurricane preparedness is a massive undertaking for facilities managers. How do you know you’re prepared? Have you laid the groundwork to make sure your property can recover quickly? This assessment can provide a guide to show your progress and help you think about improvements.

And if you're cleaning up after a storm, use this post-hurricane checklist to help you get your facility back to work.