Download These Signs to Help Make Your Workplace Safer

Print these signs to offer vital health and safety information to staff, customers and visitors.

covid signage, social distancing, crisis communication

When businesses return from the COVID-19 shutdown, they may want to deliver crucial health and safety information to their employees and customers. Signage is an excellent way to communicate key points that include social distancing, frequent handwashing, wearing masks, covering your cough and being smart around high-touch areas.

Here, we’ve created five free signs for businesses to use that cover some of these safety precautions and best practices.

Want to make your own signage? Follow these tips, brought to you by Dr. W. Timothy Coombs, communication professor at Texas A&M University and expert in crisis communications:

  • Keep it simple: The message should be short and direct.
  • Provide a visual element that catches the eye and provides more clarification.
  • Avoid making statements that are too harsh or demanding. Use polite wording such as “please do this” or “remember to do this” when giving directives.
  • Make readability the top priority in design. Design should be eye-catching, but not to the point where it affects readability. Keep colors contrasting and text as big as possible, and avoid overcomplicating the sign.
  • Place signage in an area where people appear most or where the message is most relevant. For example, place handwashing signage near restrooms and mask-wearing signage at building entrances.
  • Use guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when crafting messages. You can also consult your local public health department for information on state- or city-specific rules to follow.