What's in Your Carry-On?

We asked experts to weigh in on essentials they never leave at home when they are on the road, from personal items to tech.

1. A physical picture of my family. I travel a lot, and it humanizes wherever I’m staying.” —Leah Weiss, author of How We Work: Live Your Purpose, Reclaim Your Sanity, and Embrace the Daily Grind

2. My Bose noise-canceling headphones. After 10 to 12 hours, an airplane’s humming is shattering. I feel so much better when I wear these headphones.” —Richard Walton, CEO, AVirtual 

3. A portable laptop stand, so I’m not bending my neck all day.” —Megan Berry, VP of product, Octane AI 

4. Notecards. It’s the perfect time to craft a thank you to someone who is making a difference.” —Michelle Hayward, CEO, Bluedog Design

5. My gel sleep mask. This little wonder allows me to sleep anywhere and also alleviates any headaches with its cooling gel.” —Gene Caballero, co-founder, GreenPal

Photo credit: Chin Leong Teoh/EyeEm