The Weirdest Ask

Think your job is strange? These folks have had to milk goats and preserve Twinkies.

Have you ever been asked to do something that’s decidedly outside of your job description?

You’re not alone. Workers in all industries fall prey to an odd request from time to time. Three business people share the oddest tasks they’ve had to perform on the job.


Real job: Founder and CEO of Genesis Digital

Odd job: Calf rescuer

“I was a courier early in my career. We received a call from someone who had discovered a calf that had fallen off a truck, and they needed to transport him to a sanctuary. None of the drivers was able to do the job, so since I drove an SUV, I ended up transporting the calf to his new home."


Real job: CEO of Women of Denver

Odd job: Twinkie archivist

“I was once asked to preserve a Twinkie in acrylic while working as an administrative assistant for a small-business CEO. This was when the media claimed Twinkies were on the verge of extinction, so my boss wanted a keepsake that might eventually be worth money. I called crafters all over the nation, looking for someone who would take the project on, and found someone who indeed was willing and able. I was later asked to do the same thing with a red pen cap and given no explanation as to why.”


Real job: Junior accountant

Odd job: Goat milker

“I was a technical writer at an engineering firm run by a couple who were into all sorts of moneymaking side gigs. Apparently they learned that goat milk sells for a lot with little effort, so they fenced in the field that was behind our office and bought an entire herd of dairy goats. However, my managers weren’t animal people. They decided that they didn’t want to actually do the work of tending to their goats or pay for a professional goatherd, so milking goats was now part of my job description and I was responsible for the health of the herd. That was the straw that broke the goat’s back. In less than a month, I found a new position at a different company.” 

Photo by Nate Allred/Shutterstock