Health on the Go

Besides hand sanitizer and hydration, what should you think about while traveling? The experts in this issue share how they stay balanced mentally and physically on business trips.

I do my best to combine business travel with sightseeing. It keeps me engaged and focused and gives me a positive mindset. —Samuel Culbert, management professor, UCLA

To prevent or ease jet lag, I try to schedule my arrival in the evening to go straight to the hotel and go to bed right away. —Boris Shiklo, CTO, ScienceSoft

Think of an activity you find familiar and that chills you out, and make time for that. For me it’s reading, but it could be any kind of hobby—from painting or drawing to even just watching a particular show on TV. —Stephen Hart, CEO, Cardswitcher

Time is one of the huge stressors of travel. People don’t leave themselves enough time to get to the airport or to go through security. So I always give myself plenty of time to get places. —Michael Kerr, president, Humor at Work

I make a habit of waking up early to go for a run. This not only lets me get in some exercise but also is a great way to explore a new city. —Eric Hoppe, director of marketing, Crowd Content

Photos by Bet_Noire, Flyfloor, Janis Apels, Dannko, Believe_in_me/Getty Images