How to Increase Physical and Mental Well-Being at Work

3 simple ways to increase physical and mental well-being throughout the workday.

Go the extra mile. 

Movement provides both physical and mental relief, says Sasha Barausky, director of merchandising for Staples. Set a timer to go off every half hour as a reminder to get up from your desk. Get more steps in throughout the day by picking a printer farther from your desk or a bathroom on another floor. Change your physical location throughout the workday

Find your light. 

Harsh lighting can cause eye fatigue and headaches, says Cristina Ainslie, senior design director for Staples. Set up your work station in an area with natural light, which also provides a mood boost. If needed, add artificial lighting in front of you or at your side. Don’t place lighting overhead or behind you—it will create a shadow and prevent people from seeing you clearly on screen.

Get a green thumb.

Bringing nature into your workspace supports your brain and your body. Bamboo, spider plants and African violets make great cubemates. And if you go for cacti or succulents, you don’t have to water them as often.