Three Steps to Attract Top Talent

Small businesses can recruit great employees with the right know-how.

Finding new employees in a competitive hiring market isn’t easy, especially for small businesses. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to attract the kind of people you’re looking for, no big budget or full-time recruiters required.

Government figures show unemployment has been below 5 percent for the past few years. That makes finding that just-right employee tough — for everyone — but especially for a small business. No recruiters, no hiring managers, no hiring budget. 

So here are three must-do tactics to attract the right talent.

No. 1: Invest time in your ‘who’ story

Who is your business? And, even more important, who do you want to become? According to Glassdoor, 83 percent of would-be employees check out potential companies before they ever agree to talk to them. That means you need to shape what they discover.

Think back to your pitch to investors and why you started your business in the first place. Tap into that passion.  Now, craft a story for public consumption — share it on your website and through social platforms. Make sure current employees know it too. Referrals make great hires.

No. 2: Get real about inclusion

Millennials — the majority of people in the workforce for the next two decades — say an inclusive work culture attracts them to a business. Weber Shandwick research has found that 47 percent of millennials see diversity and inclusion as an important factor when weighing a job offer.

Make diversity and inclusion front and center on your website and in your ads. Also show your team’s diversity by including employees in hiring panels who meet candidates.

Finally, be ready to relate to potential hires how your environment is inclusive, and why that’s a value to the company and its culture.

No. 3: Get transparent about pay and career paths

It might seem controversial but consider sharing pay ranges openly — even in your ads. Glassdoor reports that 95 percent of people value knowledge of a business’s pay philosophy before accepting a job offer. 

As your small business grows, you need to think about the skills and experience your team will need, both now and in the future. Map out career paths and pay scales. Then, be prepared to walk potential hires through them.

The best part about these three tips? Not only will they help you find that “Goldilocks,” just-right employee, but each one — a passionate purpose, a culture of inclusiveness and career path clarity — will also help you keep that awesome talent.