Small Business Week: 5 Ways to Celebrate

National Small Business Week is closer than you think! Here are five ways to market your business and take part.

Each year National Small Business Week shines a spotlight on small businesses and as a small business, it's a great time to drum up interest from your community and run special sales to help draw in more customers.

Here's a look at five ways you can promote your small business during National Small Business Week.

1. Sponsor a Themed Event

Small Business Week can be the perfect hook to sponsor an event that celebrates the unique contributions your company makes to your community. Host an event with samples or minor giveaways; a demonstration of some aspect of your business; or a speaker series about something your customers will find interesting. For example, a restaurant could offer its signature appetizer for free, or a boutique retailer could host jewelry repair services — for any piece of jewelry, no matter where it was purchased — for the week. Giving something back to your community shows that you value your customers. It also serves to highlight the valuable role that a small business like yours can play.

2. Partner With Other Local Businesses

Could you partner with local businesses nearby to raise awareness of the week and help attract customers? Talk with complementary businesses to create a limited-time, joint discount or related promotions. Businesses that work together can also host an event that incorporates all their physical stores, digital channels and social media accounts. This kind of collaboration with your peers can help you reach new audiences, provide more value to customers and boost your visibility.

3. Run Special Promotions

Running a weeklong promotion can be a great way to increase interest and get customers involved. Offers can range from exclusive merchandise to coupons or special gifts for people who make a purchase during the week. Raise awareness of your promotion by boosting the signal on all your marketing channels. Website banners, blog posts, social media outreach and printed flyers all help you get the word out about your business. Don't be afraid to remind people that it's National Small Business Week, and encourage them to get out and support businesses in their community.

4. Connect With Press and Influencers

Small Business Week is a golden opportunity to land press coverage. Many local and regional publications do stories in conjunction with the event and are looking for ideas. Reach out to local press with information about how you're promoting your business, or some interesting story or unique angle about your business.

You may also be able to get some attention from social media influencers — in other words, people with large, dedicated followings online. Who are the most well-known voices writing about your industry or area of expertise? If you run a toy store, a local parenting blogger or influencer could be an option; if you own a B&B, maybe there's a regional travel blog you can partner with. Offer them a tour of your business, a special promotion for their readers or an interview.

5. Join Group Events

Look for National Small Business Week events, both locally and regionally, through your chamber of commerce or other business groups. From shared promotions to community meet-and-greets, group events can set the stage for building relationships that turn into valuable partnerships, or for keeping your skills sharp and your business strong.

National Small Business Week can help raise your visibility. Offer incentives to get people to visit your business, and don't be afraid to remind them about this important event. Customers value small business and will appreciate the opportunity to live out their values.