Tough Deadline? How to Get Your Print Project Done on Time

Hit every deadline.

Plenty of factors can cause you to need a rush printing job for your business. A client might drop a quick-turn request on your lap, or hiccup could send a planned presentation off its timeline. Whatever the case, you’ll likely find yourself at some point needing to print quickly.


A bit of planning can help you successfully manage a compressed timeline and the high stakes of an important print project. Here are some things you can do to ensure you turn in a successful final product when printing time is tight.


Find a vendor with options

A tight deadline means you don’t have time for standard printing. But not every resource offers speedy service. Look for a trustworthy vendor that can do same-day printing. Sometimes you may have less than a day to work with, so also seek out express printing that can be completed in just a few hours.


Gather all of the details you need to use these services including deadlines for submitting orders, pickup times and any other details that can help guarantee the process goes off without a hitch. With these fast, go-to print options on your side you’ll rest easy that you can meet any business deadline.


Vet your images early

You can likely fix typos and rework an awkward sentence at the eleventh hour, but swapping out images is much riskier as your deadline approaches. You may unintentionally use a low-resolution piece or find yourself struggling to crop it just right, creating a stressful situation at the last minute.


Instead, decide on your images, photos and other art as soon as you’ve determined the basics of your design. Lean on the knowledge of your print partner to help you find and use the image files that will bring your presentation to life and print well. Be sure to check that any image you want to use is high-enough quality that it can reproduce well. Once you decide on your images, draft your copy to make sure it all fits within your design. The final step is perfecting your words to get everything just right.


Line up your team

You’ll be moving quickly, so it’s especially important to have an extra set of eyes (or two, or three) checking the work throughout the process. Talk to team members who will be reviewing the copy and design to ensure they’re ready to make suggestions or contributions to the work as soon as it’s ready for them.


Have a proofreader — someone who hasn’t seen the piece at all until that point — take a fresh look at the work after you’ve finalized everything. Lining up a proofreader in advance helps ensure you have someone available who can point out flaws that may escape the notice of those who’ve been working on the piece.


Manage print details

To speed the printing process, check with your print partner about paper stock, logo requirements, and other necessary details for your project to be completed. Even when time is tight it may make sense to work face-to-face with your vendor. A short, in-person conversation can be the most efficient way to make critical design and printing plans. You can also ask for advice on binding options and other elements that can give your project extra pizzazz. Be sure to emphasize that you’ll need to express-print your piece — some options may not be available for same-day printing.


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