Keys to Success for Jeweler Carrying on a Family Business Legacy

Learn how Rita Hannoush is making it all work with the help of trusted partners and a lot of elbow grease.

As a child, Rita Hannoush watched her parents work hard to build their thriving jewelry business. Now, it’s her turn to oversee multiple Hannoush Jewelers locations. It’s a demanding job that she feels honored to have.

She has a few tricks for finding time to accomplish everything on her to-do list and for maintaining the high standards her family established. At all times, she keeps her family’s commitment to quality top of mind, and then she finds that right partner to help.


Here’s how she does it:


Lots of hours
Staying on track means a long workweek, but Hannoush feels it’s worth it to do something she loves. Each day is different for her. She manages marketing, budgeting, store visits and more. As she moves from creating and sending a direct mailer to analyzing company spreadsheets, she keeps a pad of paper by her side to record what’s left to do.


A commitment to visibility

Hannoush watched her family launch the business in a tough economy and was inspired by their determination to thrive and grow. She understands the importance of maintaining a high profile with the prospects and customers who are important to company success. She uses banners to announce store grand openings, posters in store windows for important messages, and direct mail campaigns to continually get the word out.


Great employees

Putting customers first has been key to Hannoush Jewelers’ success from the get-go. Its stated motto on the company website is that “a company is only as good as the people who represent it every day.” This philosophy has lead the company to invest in staff training to ensure a high level of knowledge and professionalism. As a family-run business, they’re also committed to giving each shopper personal attention.


The right vendors

To spend the necessary time and focus on the things that matter in her business — quality jewelry that suits every customer perfectly — Hannoush must find ways to be efficient in everything else. For example, she needs to create banners, posters and other marketing materials quickly when she needs them. She uses same-day printing services to get things done on schedule. When she emails print-ready files to her printing partner before 2 p.m., she can pick them up same day.


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