How Direct Mail Can Deliver Your Message to a Whole New Audience

5 quick tips to get the most out of your mailing.

Whether you’re launching a new service or looking to get out the vote for a candidate, direct mail may be just the way to get new eyes on your message. The effectiveness of direct mail — postcards, mailers, envelopes or bigger promotions — is on the rise, according to the Association of National Advertisers. Response rates on average are 6%.


Direct mail is a potent tool to communicate your message about a new offering, a promotion or an up-and-coming candidate. When they’re designed right, mailers can quickly and clearly convey your message and spur action among recipients.


Review the following list of design tips to craft a direct mailer that will capture the attention of the market you want to reach.


Choose the right format

The amount of copy and number of images you plan to use will dictate the size of your mailer. Postcards come in a range of sizes and price points. Larger formats like 5.5” x 8.5” will stand out in a stack of mail and offer more space for your message. Bigger cards typically cost more than standard 4” x 6” mailers, but the extra cost will be worth it if it translates into better response rates. A larger format also works if you’re announcing something “splashy” like a sale, a campaign launch or a brand-new service.


To keep costs down and easily create a professional mailer yourself, start with a design template.


Tell a story with images

Choose the right photo or graphic for your mailer to grab attention and increase the chances that people will read it. Also, use images to complement your text and communicate your message. Instead of just showing a picture of a product, find an image of someone using and benefiting from what you sell. For political mailers, choose images that show your candidate doing things that communicate his or her promise to voters. Make sure your image files are high resolution[B1]  to ensure they reproduce well in print.


Add color

Color can attract attention to your direct mail piece and engage recipients quickly in your message. Apply color strategically to make it easier for readers to understand your message. Draw direct attention to your special offer and call to action by putting them in a bright shade. Use a different, more-neutral color for secondary details. Stick with a palette of two to three colors to maintain a clutter-free feel. And, of course, use your existing company colors.


Maintain consistency

As you design your direct mail materials, keep in mind that consistency is king. Stay true to your brand guidelines across everything you create, using the same logo, fonts and other design elements. Rely on existing tag lines, slogans and other text that reminds recipients they know you. Jumpstart your project by beginning with customizable design templates to create your own unique materials.


Include important components

While keeping the content of your mailer concise and your design uncluttered, you also need to incorporate certain details to excite readers and compel them to act. Be sure to include:


  • A special offer.
  • A call to action.
  • Tracking information.
  • USPS requirements.


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