6 Essential Moves to Help Your Business Grow

To attract new customers, add these ideas to your to-do list.

Finding new customers is an always-on part of running a small business. Research shows that increasing sales will be a top priority for businesses in 2020. The leading challenge: finding resources to make it happen.


Do you have everything in place to successfully grow your business? Review the elements of a powerful marketing effort below to keep your pipeline full this year.


1. Get the word out

The only way to find more customers is to spread the word. Create print materials to remind current customers of your strengths and to showcase your business to new prospects. Partner with a print and marketing vendor to design engaging and top-quality materials like direct mail postcards to reach new customers and boost your brand. Direct mail response rates are higher than digital marketing techniques, according to a recent survey. Creating an appealing mailer that includes a special promotion can put you on customers’ radars and bring more traffic to your website or location.


2. Upgrade your printing capabilities

A growing business requires top-of-the-line printing. You may choose to print some of your own materials in-house, and if so, it pays to be stocked and ready to go. Have a reliable, high-functioning printer at the ready to ensure your business can print quality pieces when you need them — in color or black and white. An inkjet printer can turn out crisp, professional layouts in small batches, and laser printers are great for larger jobs and text-heavy printing. Some printers also offer efficiency features like automatic power on/off and two-sided printing to save energy and resources. Also, be sure to keep extra ink, toner and paper on hand so you don’t run short at crunch time.


3. Invest in technology

Time is money, so the tools you rely on in your business should support efficiency. Whether it’s working on your social media campaign or designing your next brochure, your PC is at the center of all you do. Shop for a new computer that makes it easy to dive into important marketing efforts without glitches and downtime. Be sure to update software and accessories to ensure smooth sailing. Investing in a service plan is also a good idea. Your tech tools are critical to your ability to produce solid materials quickly, so you’ll want to keep them in tip-top shape.


4. Launch a podcast

Written materials are essential, but you should also factor spoken marketing into your plans. Podcasts are helping businesses in every industry establish expertise with prospects and customers. Since more than half of the U.S. population tuned in to podcasts last year, there is a decent chance that the buyers you want to reach are podcast listeners. Most podcasts can be made in your office with just a script, a microphone and headphones. To spread the word about your audio offering, promote it on your print marketing pieces and website. You can even mention it on invoice footnotes and sales receipts.


5. Create a productive workspace

If you have big ambitions, make sure your workspace reflects and supports your potential. Invest in comfortable and functional furnishings that will give you the energy you need to thrive. Consider using adjustable standing desks to boost productivity and focus. Decrease distractions by finding drawer and storage organizers that put important materials within easy reach. One of the most important parts of your office is a comfortable chair. Whether you need an ergonomically supportive desk chair, an executive seat that swivels between desks or a gaming chair to keep you comfy for hours, there are lots of options. Keep the momentum going with coffee and healthy snacks that keep your whole team humming.


6. Stock up

Think back to all the times over the past year when you wished you’d had supplies, or you needed something to spur you into action — then invest in what you need. Whether it’s Post-its for jotting down ideas or communicating with others, or strategically placed whiteboards to capture team output, stock up on the tools that will make you unstoppable in your marketing. Don’t overlook plenty of cleaning supplies to keep your work environment healthy, energized and gleaming.


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