Revamping Your Brand? What You Need to Know

Here are a few tips to help showcase your new look when revamping your brand.

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Is your brand messaging conveying your business's value to your customers? As the owner of a small company and leader of a modest workforce, you have an opportunity to show that you can understand and address your customers' needs.

Show That Your Business Is Relevant

Even established businesses with well-known logos update their branding occasionally. Doing so lets the world know that the company is both still relevant and keeping up with trends, and the new look may attract customers that have overlooked or dismissed the business in the past.

If you're considering a revamp, it's a good idea to tie your new look to something that is happening in your business, whether that's expanding an existing product line or introducing a new service. Remember: Simplicity is best, since it lets you achieve a timeless look that doesn't need frequent updating. 

Choose to Revamp or Redesign

If your company is well established, with a look that you like and think represents your business well, revamping your brand may be as easy as updating fonts and colors on your print materials and website. Purchasing a fonts package to find a similar but more modern version of your current lettering is a great approach.

Review other businesses' websites and marketing materials, plus contemporary fashions and designs to find a fresh take on your brand tone. Be confident in your choices, and remember that updating your digital and print marketing materials yourself is easy with self-service design and printing services.

If your business isn't well established or if you're making a dramatic shift in products and/or services, a revamp may not be enough. A complete redesign is needed if your company is moving in a direction that your current branding doesn't even begin to represent. Once you've decided between a revamp and a redesign, it's the time to put plans in place that will minimize the work needed to make updates further on down the road. Think about where you want your business to be in a decade. With that in mind, choose a logo, tag line and message that will suit your business for the next several years.

Show Customers That You Understand Them

When revamping your brand, take the opportunity to show your current and future customers that you understand them. Try using images and language that will strongly resonate with your target market.

Use large posters or wall art to set the tone for your office or business, with images that customers will relate and aspire to. For example, if you sell fashionable, high-end workout wear for women, your posters could include models wearing your clothing while running on trails through the woods or doing yoga in a peaceful setting.

Update All Marketing Materials

Once you've chosen the images, graphics and message that will form the basis of your branding revamp, it's time to order, update and print new sales and marketing products. Items that need your attention include:

  • Your website logo and the banners on all pages
  • Your social media icons and backgrounds
  • Outdoor signs and billboards
  • Indoor banners and posters
  • Print materials such as brochures and pamphlets

Make sure to update all places where you feature your logo and branding. Forgetting about any important aspects of your brand can lead to inconsistency and widespread confusion for your customers.

Modernizing your branding lets your existing customers know that you understand their needs, and your fresh look may even attract new customers.